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    Shenzhen Yu An Tai bags Co.,Ltd
      [ 2016-6-20 ]
    Shenzhen Yu An Tai bags Co.,Ltd
      [ 2016-6-20 ]
    Shenzhen Yu An Tai bags Co.,Ltd
      [ 2016-6-20 ]
    Countries to increase efforts to eliminate backwar
      [ 2010-5-28 ]
    Good idea suggestion box reinstated
      [ 2010-2-1 ]
    Shenzhen Yu An Tai bags Co.,Ltd
      [ 2010-1-28 ]
    Chemical fiber industry in 2010 increase stage
      [ 2010-1-28 ]
      [ 2010-1-20 ]
About us
Company Profile YU AN Tai specialized in manufacturing wide varieties of bags, PVC pouches, case and other accessories. We sourced high quality materials such as nylon, PVC, leather to suits the special needs of your products or alternatively OEM are also available Established since 1998. YAT had expand ded rapidly over the years. With the aim keep honest and faith advance with the time"We have been certificed SO 9001: 2000 in 2008, We currently export globally to Europe, Asia. North and south America We produce high quality back packs, tack packs, packets. PVC pouches, mobile phone accessaries, lanyard and many more. For more details on our products please visit our website or come into our showroom At YAT. We focus on details and qualities. Meeting your expectation is our god Contact us now to see what YAT can do for your business

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